What Blue Color Sapphire Should I Buy ?
When it comes to choosing a sapphire by color we always tell our customers to choose a color that appeals to them, Blue sapphire account for over 80% of our sales even though sapphire can full under every color you can imagine from canary yellow to hot pinks and even color change sapphires which typically go from a blue to purple with hint of violets depending on the light source here I wanted to share some information on blue sapphires in general.
Cornflower blue platinum custom sapphire ring GIA color B 5/4.Cornflower blue platinum custom sapphire ring GIA color B 5/4.
As blues are the colors most people start with I will open up on this color and go down though the main colors you are likely to see in a well stocked store.
Up until about 10 years ago cornflower blue sapphires use to be the most prized and sought after color with the highest market value, since then the royal blue sapphire has now taken the top spot in price as well as the most sold today, we believe with more & more sales being carried out online, the royal blue sapphire both photographs & video’s better than the other hues & because of this the demand increased with this the price for these darker sapphires.
What we have noticed over the last 10 plus years when we meet with our customers face to face and they are able to choose by hand from a selection of sapphires from royal blue down to vivid blue and then further down the colors to cornflower blue stones even though the royal blue sapphire might have being there pick online approximately 8 out of 10 of our customers will choose a cornflower blue sapphire over royal blue than any other blue hue.
( Royal blue sapphire GIA gemstone grade B or vB 6/5 with cornflower blue typically a B or vB 5/4 )Royal blue sapphire GIA gemstone grade B or vB 6/5 with cornflower blue typically a B or vB 5/4  Double halo Cornflower blue sapphire ring – GIA B 5/4


Please see our blog on sapphire grading”
Because most of our customers buy directly online & too far away to travel to us we added back in 2018 the “WhattsApp” video option to our website were we can show you videos directly to you mobile devise under natural light and florescent lighting in a wide selection of blue natural sapphire ring’s which allows our customers to be able to see their selection of sapphires they considering in real time & for added protection we always offer free return Fed Ex shipping to all of our orders.
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What is a Sapphire learn every thing about sapphire

Sapphire is one of the most popular precious gemstones in the world, that is used for all kinds of purposes. Blue Sapphire jewelry is a mainstay of jewelry shops around the world and the gemstone stands apart in terms of its unique color and composition.Like most gemstones, Sapphires are composed of different minerals and elements. Unlike Diamonds which are exclusively made of carbon, Sapphires usually consist of Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3) with trace amounts of elements like Iron, Titanium, Chromium, Copper or Magnesium.

Sapphire Colors – How Many Are There?

Sapphires are most commonly blue but they can also exhibit other colors, due to a change in their composition. You might have come across Pink Sapphire engagement rings or even jewelry made of yellow sapphire. These may consist of naturally colored Sapphires or artificially treated ones. Apart from jewelry and embellishment, Sapphires are used in industrial applications like infrared optical components, high durability window panels, wrist watches, Insulating substrates and much more. However the predominant use of the gemstone is for jewelry and if you are looking for something unique apart from diamonds and gold, A Blue Sapphire wedding ring, might just be what you are looking for. It’s also interesting to note that Sapphire which is a manifestation of the mineral Aluminium Oxide, also exists in the red color, which is commonly known as Ruby.


Significant quantities of Sapphire deposits are found in the countries of Australia, Eastern African region, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and many more. Sapphire has been the subject of human fascination since times immemorial and its is closely associated with traditional practices of various cultures. The word Sapphire is said to have its origin in Sanskrit and represents the planet of Saturn. Some historians dispute the origin of the word and argue that that the word Sapphire is derived from the latin word Sapphirus.

Sapphire Ring Wedding Gift Tradition

The Sapphire is also said to be a traditional gift for 45th wedding anniversaries across European and western culture. The Italians consider Sapphire as a powerful tool to drive away feelings of depression and Melancholy. Sapphires are also considered to be the birthstone of people born in September. A Sapphire jubilee is celebrated on the 65th year of any event.  Let’s take a look at the different types of Sapphires that are available and their individual qualities:


Blue Sapphires:

  • The most commonly found Sapphire all across the world, Blue Sapphires can be found in all kinds of hues of blue ranging from lightish turquoise to even navy blue. Blue sapphires are evaluated based on their clarity and the saturation of their primary hue. There can be added secondary and tertiary hues to a blue sapphire which give it a different look and reflection. Some commonly found additional hues in a Blue Sapphire include gray, purple and Violet,. Generally a Sapphire is considered to be of good quality if the it has violet or purple, not more than 15% of the total hue.


Pink Sapphires:


  • Pink Sapphires have shot up in popularity due to their unique look and their high demand for wedding jewelry. The deeper the shade of pink the higher the value of the Blue Sapphire. There is also a fine line between Pink Sapphires and Ruby. Rubies are also a manifestation of the compound Aluminum Oxide, just like Sapphires. In the United states a stone must exhibit a minimum level of saturation of the color pink in order to be called a ruby, otherwise the stone is referred to as a pink Sapphire.

Sapphire rings Wholesale company In USA

Sapphire Ring Company is based in the United States, all of their ring’s are custom made by their jewelers to each sapphire cut and size creating unique custom sapphire & diamond ring all for sale at wholesale prices. Sapphire Ring Company source all of their sapphires directly from their own offices in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) along with frequent trips each year allows them to offer the finest natural Ceylon sapphires at the best prices you will find anywhere today with direct buying from both the mines and markets you will find huge difference prices of their Ceylon sapphire rings they have for sale compared other retail jewelers – Visit them to view there stunning selection of sapphire & diamond rings Click here .
With each sapphire supported by not only a GIA report but a independent appraisal written by a certified GIA graduate gemologist gives each customer 100% peace of mind that their new Ceylon sapphire ring is a 100% natural mined sapphire.
They have more than 200 Ceylon sapphire sapphire ring’s in a variety of colors from the famous blue Ceylon sapphires to the fancy colors such as pink,yellows, and purple along with some of the rarer colors such as orange and pure white & color change sapphires.
If you have being in search of a platinum sapphire engagement ring or a stunning custom piece to mark your anniversary visit their online store, opened in 2008 with the widest selection of natural custom sapphire rings for sale today or call customer service @ 727 797 0007 – experienced customer support available 24/7, Click for blue sapphire ring





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